Getting There

The park is located just in the heart of Accra and you can reach there either via taxi, public transport (trotro/Metro bus) or by requesting an Uber.

Visiting Hours*

Mondays – Sundays:  8:30 am – 11 pm

New Rates**

Entrance fees are as follows**:


Visitor Category Entrance Fee (GHS)
Adult 100
Tertiary 60
Children 30


Visitor Category Entrance Fee (GHS)
Adult 25
Tertiary 15
Children 5

*Visiting hours are subject to change anytime soon

**Fees are subject to upward review anytime soon.

Fees for events are as follows:


Participants/Hours Fee (GHS)
Up to 100 participants : first  2 hours 2,000
Beyond 2 hours 3,000


Participants/Hours Fee (GHS)
Up to 100 participants : first  2 hours 3,000
Beyond 2 hours 5,000

Nearby Attractions

Other attractions:

Art Centre: Adjacent to the park is the Arts Centre where you can purchase various crafts and apparel. Make sure you get a piece of Kente, the cloth for Kings.

Independence (Black Star) Square: Just nearby in Osu is the Independence Arch and Independence Monument (Black Star Gate) which are national monuments signifying Ghana’s independence.

Makola Market: The most popular Market in Accra where you can shop for everything edible to clothing and footwear (both local and foreign.

Jamestown Lighthouse: Situated at the heart of one of Accra’s oldest districts is the Jamestown Lighthouse which was built in the 1930s replacing the original one built by King James I of Great Britain in 1871. The tower offers visitors great views of James Fort and Usher Fort.